Support Tyler, as she has done you

Published 10:57 am Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

As we face the upcoming election on Tuesday, I want to inform voters that Delegate Roslyn Tyler who represents the 75th District to the House of Representatives and parts of Lunenburg is running re-election without an opponent. Del. Tyler has served the 75th District for 10 years with dignity and truthfulness. Her days and most nights are filled serving the constituents in the eight counties and two cities that make up the 75th District. She portrays that special pride voters look for in a candidate.

Del. Tyler continues to work with all people regardless of their political views and gives each cause and situation her all to help that one that is in need. She has the respect of the senators and delegates on both sides of the aisle. When she speaks for her constituents from the 75th District as well as all citizens in the Commonwealth of Virginia they listen because they believe in her honesty.

Del. Tyler is a bi-partisan delegate who will continue working to promote Christian and family values and fights for those same values for her family as well as for everyone in Virginia. She is a strong rural legislator and advocates for rural Virginia, visiting farmers throughout the district and enjoys all of her visits because she is a farm girl at heart.

During this past 2015 General Assembly session Del. Tyler presented legislation that passed and signed by the governor:

— She presented legislation that will allow all disabled veterans with service connected disability to purchase a disabled license plate.

— She presented legislation which will conform the state code to allow all board of supervisors and municipalities to approve their school budget by May 15 of each year.

— In Brunswick County the state has approved a parcel of land that was owned by the Department of Corrections to the Town of Lawrenceville to maintain their water booster and storage tank for future economic development.

— Additionally, Delegate Tyler’s budget amendment was included in the state budget to restore the revenue of $190,000 for the coyote control program that is a serious problem in our rural counties.

Delegate Tyler is a strong advocate of hunting and sportsmens’ rights because it is a way of life in Southside. She will continue to fight to protect hunters rights. She believes that everyone who carries a weapon should have a complete background check before the purchase of a weapon is made. This protects everyone — don’t you want the same?  Delegate Tyler will continue to work to improve the quality of life within the rural counties she presents.

Delegate Tyler serves on the education committee and supports legislation to support increased funding for education, increasing salaries for teachers because they are teaching and helping to raise the children who are our future. She continues to work with the National Coalition of Public Safety Officers to make their jobs easier trying to get safer laws for the officers as well as better pay.

The one thing that continues to be important to all of us is health care. She will continue to work forward to make health care affordable for seniors, working families and small businesses within the commonwealth.  She supports low taxes, limited government regulations and fiscal accountability and will continue to support each of you for the next two years as she has always done.

So stand up with me, help yourself, your family and all grandchildren that are here today and who will be born tomorrow, get out there and vote.

Mary Beth Washington

Boykins, Virginia