The purpose of college

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The old phrase “the inmates are in charge of the asylum” could never be more true than on some of our college campuses.

What started at the University of Missouri with a few students and at least one irresponsible faculty member has suddenly spread to several campuses nationally and will probably continue to many more before it reaches a viable conclusion.

Within a week, it was at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

There they forced their way into the offices of the president and made demands that were either none of their business or that could harm their education and that of the many who simply want to receive a good education.

At the University of Missouri, they demanded that the president resign based on the fact that he did not act on someone yelling a racial remark.

When the eighth year student complained in a report, he could not give a single lead as to who or where the remark came from.

He could only say this one incident in eight years meant that racism was overbearing on the campus.

He began a hunger strike that inspired a small following that included part of the football team.

When the football players threatened to boycott practice and future games if the president did not resign that year, he resigned.

This was the inspiration at VCU and other schools across the nation.

What were some of the demands being made in this movement?

Their national leader has stated they wanted free education.

They demanded that past loans for education be forgiven, and a $15 minimum wage be provided to all workers.

At VCU campus, they also wanted more Afro-American professors. Never mind that the university has sought to diversify their faculty and continues to do so.

When our children were students, we wanted them to have the best professors that could teach them the most.

Sadly, the poor young lady that made these silly demands has come of age during an administration in Washington that has run up $10 trillion in our national debt.

She probably does believe that there is such a thing as free money.

Little does she understand the debt load this president has put on her back and that of her yet unborn children and grandchildren.

When the administration failed to take control of the situation by simply playing without those players or forfeiting the game that season, they had put themselves in the position of being subservient to those that they are paid to develop into educated, valuable citizens for our future.

What they have created is a monster that will make all sorts of demands on many campuses until responsible administrators step forward and end this type blackmail.

One basic rule of life is that if one demands something and receives it, they are likely to demand more and more until someone says no.

The proper action the University of Missouri should have taken is exactly what I expect of any Virginia college.

If a ball team refuses to practice and play, start forfeiting games.

If the boycott continues, start taking away their scholarships.  Let them find another school that wants a trouble-maker on their team.

It is truly heartbreaking that anyone accepted into college could be so clueless.

Maybe the solution is that every prospective college student be required to pass a course in economics before they are admitted to college. Then maybe we wouldn’t face such issues.

Frank Ruff, a Republican, represents Lunenburg County in the Virginia State Senate. His email address is