Patio upgrade planned

Published 12:49 pm Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lunenburg County’s Central High School is undertaking a $15,000 project that will see the upgrading of a patio and, proponents hope, the eventual creation of a courtyard.

Natalie Coronas, an assistant principal at Central, said the project, which received the approval of the school board during its Nov. 9 meeting, will be an aesthetic enhancement that, once completed, will tie the front and back of the building together.

Supporters are not seeking funds from the board and will raise the money for the venture from businesses, and through donations and fundraisers — including possibly selling bricks, Coronas said.

Much of the work will be done by students, such as using carpentry classes to build a gazebo, she added.

“Students enjoy the current patio space daily, and an upgraded space that is comfortable and attractive will be an asset to the school,” Coronas said.

“Staff will be able to use the patio space because they may go out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air during their planning period and work on their classwork.”

There are already benches in the area, but the improvements would make the space not just more attractive to everyone at the school but to visitors, she said.

A picnic table will be added, as well as shade sails; and it will be painted the school colors — purple and gold, she said.

Improvements to the patio will be first and begin as soon as possible, and the more ambitious and most expensive part will be construction of the gazebo, Coronas said.