Fishing Camp to be held at Holiday Lake

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Introducing a child to fishing can lead to a lifetime of adventures and experience. Fishing Camp, for ages 9-13, is scheduled April 8-10 at Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center, located 1267 4-H Camp Road Appomattox. A child will learn how to ID fish and how to clean them, about natural bait, fishing equipment and how to tie knots, casting techniques and luring them in.

The fishing experience is everything from enjoying the outdoors and observing nature to casting a rod and having patience while waiting for that nibble. “You never know when the big one will show up,” says Fishing Camp Director Tamara Lewis. “That’s part of the fun.”   

Fishing Camp has been an annual event at Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center for the last eight years. “The kids have a great time and learn so much,” says Lewis. In past camp evaluations campers have indicated that they are more confident with their fishing skills, have learned what type of location they fish best, learned to help others fish and made new friends.

In addition to fishing classes during the day, the camp schedules evening programs. This year Holliday Lake State Park will be doing an underwater fish light program for the kids at Fishing Camp.

“Each year every child that participates gets to take home a fishing rod and fishing gear,” Lewis said. If interested in the camp contact (434) 696-5526. Registration will close March 25.