Brothers star as trap shooters

Published 10:11 am Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two brothers from Lunenburg County have been enjoying a good bit of success as trap shooters.

Twenty-year-old Hunter Bolan and 14-year-old Levi Bolan participated in a rainy Hall of Fame shoot held in Winchester on June 4 and 5. The event consisted of 100 singles, 100 handicap and a 200 doubles event on Saturday.

Levi Bolan was able to win Lewis Class in singles with a 92 percent score. On the second day of competitions, the AIM program for the Amateur Trap Association held its annual State AIM Singles Competition. Shooters were also eligible to win a spot in the end-of-competition shoot-off.

Hunter Bolan shot a 192 and took High Overall as well as first place for the Junior Gold Category. He was also chosen to shoot in one of the two shoot-offs but lost a target early in the round.

Of his performance that weekend, he said, “I was very happy with it. I started off a little rough, but the second half, I hit every target the second half.” He was pleased to be able to compete well despite the inclement weather. “Shooting in the rain was pretty — I don’t know how to describe it — different, intense,” he said. “It was pouring down rain and a storm had just blown up, and my little brother shot, I think, 49 out of 50, and I shot 50 out of 50 in the pouring rain. I was most proud of that. I think my little brother was, too.”

Levi Bolan also shot well with a 186 overall score which gave him a fourth-place finish in the Sub-Junior Category. He secured a spot in the shoot-off for the Shamrock Leathers shooting bag.

He and one other shooter ran the first round, and three others were eliminated. A second round was necessary to establish a winner. His opponent missed only one target in the second round, but it proved to be one too many as Bolan won the exciting competition with a score of  50-49.

Both Bolan brothers were representing the Arrowhead Gun Club, which has successfully launched its trap shooting program. The club participated in the second annual Virginia Youth Trap Shooting League, where youth shooters along with adults from around the state shoot 50 targets each week for eight weeks. Their top five weekly scores are averaged, and winners are recognized at the Winchester Hall of Fame.

This year, 81 shooters participated in the league with a league average of 70.7 percent and 21,350 targets thrown across the state. Levi Bolan placed first in his age group and tied for ninth overall.

The Arrowhead Gun Club now has a place to shoot registered targets, and Hunter and Levi Bolan hope to see more participation in the future. For more information about the Arrowhead Gun Club and its upcoming events, visit