Kenston Forest Lower School perfect attendance

Published 11:54 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kenston Forest School recently announced its Lower School perfect attendence students for Quarter 4 and for the entire school year.

Kindergarten Class

Quarter 4 : Luke Phillips, Rachel Spence, Gabriel Toth, Christopher Walker and Madison Yancey.

Entire year: Rachel Spence.

First Grade Class

Quarter 4: Chance Bragg.

Second Grade Class

Quarter 4: Raymond Amos, Bryce Davidson and Hunter Paulett.

Third Grade Class

Quarter 4: Jake Leonard, Kyle Shaw and Dylan Tuck.

Entire year: Jake Leonard, Kyle Shaw and Dylan Tuck.

Fourth Grade Class

Quarter 4: Mackenzie Harmon, Sadie Henshaw, Kristen Jackson and Jonathan Tozzi.

Entire year: Mackenzie Harmon and Sadie Henshaw.

Fifth Grade Class

Quarter 4: Sophia Crowder, Riley Wilkerson, JD Rimon, Ethan Thomas and Peyton Vaught.

Entire year: Ethan Thomas.

Sixth Grade Class

Quarter 4: Braeden Collins, Kristin Sheffield, Kemp Spence and Walker Green.

Entire year: Braeden Collins, Kristin Sheffield and Kemp Spence.

Seventh Grade Class

Quarter 4: Marah Cline, Molly Epperson, Mya Hahaney and Sam Vannoorbeeck.