There has to be a better place

Published 11:53 am Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I am writing in response to the “We” in the “Our Thoughts” column in the Wednesday, June 22, edition of this paper. Since the editorial was not signed, I do not know who “we” are that were referenced in the piece. So, to whoever you are, perhaps, you would like to offer the county a location on your property for this “necessary evil” and make the “necessary sacrifice” that you indicate the residents of Red Level Lane should make.

“We,” the residents of Red Level Lane and Hidden Lane who will be directly impacted by the proposed site, do not oppose the idea of convenience centers. A center that we could frequent in the area would be a welcomed change to the open dumpsters we now have to look at on a daily basis.

At the same time, we would prefer to drive more than five miles to a site as opposed to having it at the entrance to our neighborhood and having to deal with increased traffic and the site of dumpsters on a daily basis. You do know that the centers are open on the weekends as well. Many of us have guests and family visit frequently. What a lovely first impression that is going to make as they enter the neighborhood.

Perhaps, your guests would be more impressed with you and your humanitarianism if the site were at the entrance to your home. Have you looked at the proposed site on Red Level Lane and how it will impact the residents? Red Level is not a paved road; the proposed entrance is directly across from the driveway of one of the residents. They will have a first-hand view of everyone coming in and out, as well as every trash truck coming for pickup or dropoff.

And the back is so close to another resident that her quiet deck sitting will be replaced with sitting inside, having windows closed to block out traffic noise and trash smells. With all of the rural area in Lunenburg County, not to mention the open spaces near the location in question, we find it hard to believe that the only site available is in a residential area.

Another point that should be researched before “you” make statements about the virtues of the convenience centers is the comparisons between the sites and the open dumpster sites now. As I visited a convenience center Sunday afternoon, it was open, unmanned and I (along with my mother and sister) witnessed several items of contraband being left at the site in the open dumpsters there. How very nice that the sites are fenced to keep the animals out, but where do you think they will go if they cannot get into the site? We, on Red Level Lane, know the answer to that. They will come further into our neighborhood.

Again, we are not opposed to the sites, however, we do not believe that future starts at the entrance to our neighborhood.

Karen Champion is a resident of Lunenburg. She can be reached at

Editor’s note: “Our Thoughts” represents the opinion of this newspaper and its leadership and does not represent individuals.