Schools decline slightly

Published 12:22 pm Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lunenburg County Public Schools saw a decrease in Standards of Learning (SOL) scores in all but one academic category, according to state Department of Education data released on Tuesday.

In the all students category of the district report, the percentage of students passing decreased for history, writing, English and mathematics, but did see an increase in science. In science, the county improved by one point.

The largest difference from the 2014-15 school year to the 2015-16 years was in the writing category, with seven percent less students passing their writing SOL in the all students subgroup. There was only a one percent difference in all other categories.

At a more local level, Victoria Elementary saw an increase across the categories. Math had the highest increase, with a 66 percent pass rate, seven percent higher from the previous year.  

Kenbridge Elementary saw varied results. Both English and science improved, with English 13 percent improved from the year prior. Likewise math and history saw decreases, with history seeing a 12 percent decline.

Lunenburg Middle School saw English, math and writing schools decline and scores in history and science staying either consistent or increasing.

Central High School scores stayed similar to the year prior, only increasing or decreasing one point across the board except for with writing. The high school writing scores declined by 10.

Compared to state results, Lunenburg performed consistently lower than the state average. In math, the county scored 13 points lower than the state.

At a state-wide level students achieving proficient or advanced level on reading, mathematics and science SOL assessments increased by one point according to a release by VDOE.

“Of the commonwealth’s 1,822 public schools, 915 improved in mathematics, 904 in reading and 939 in science,” VDOE said.

Lunenburg Superintendent Charles M. Berkley Jr. stated he didn’t want to provide comment untill statewide accreditation rankings are announced in mid-September.

Those accreditation ratings may reflect achievement over three years and include adjustments to reward schools for successful interventions and allowances for certain transfer students and english learners, according to VDOE.