Welcome, Mr. Berry

Published 11:16 am Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Although he isn’t the only barber shop in town, we would like to officially welcome Kevin Berry into our community.

Berry recently opened Berry’s Barber Shop beside Timmy’s Grocery in Victoria and we couldn’t be happier that new business is coming to our beloved town. New business means great things for our town.

Berry has worked around the area for years — in Chase City and Keysville — but now has come to our town to offer his services to Lunenburg residents.

To Victoria, this opening means not just new business, but more business. It means that our town is not only surviving in a society that grows fonder of national chains each day, sometimes forgetting our local mom and pop shops, but it means we are thriving in an era where getting customers to shop local is rather hard.

We encourage Lunenburg County residents to continue to work hard at pursuing their dreams of opening their own businesses around town, as well as urge our citizens to reconsider running to a corporate chain for services and products — but to instead, buy around town from those you know are locally owned.

Our locally owned places need our business as much as we need them in our quaint little town.