KPD to get three new vehicles

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A few changes are being made at the Kenbridge Police Department (KPD). One change should be quite noticeable in the coming weeks: three new vehicles.

KPD Chief Raymond Hite Jr. said the department is getting a Dodge Charger and two new Dodge Durango SUVs.

“One of them should be here next week,” Hite said in a Thursday interview. “The others should be here the following week.”

The other change might not be noticed until at least December: a new officer. In addition to himself, Hite has four full-time officers, including one sergeant, and two part-time officers.

“We have a fifth guy coming out of the academy,” Hite said. “He’ll be riding with someone starting in mid-December and then he’ll be able to patrol alone in February or March.”

Hite thanked council for agreeing to help out, saying the additional officer will be able to assist.

“We can double up on shifts and get more involved in the community,” he said.

For example, Hite said he and his officers try to go into the town’s schools once or twice a week. He hopes having the additional officer means they will be able to go to the schools more often.

In addition to being chief, Hite is also the department’s firearms, radar and Taser instructor in addition to rotating patrols with his officers.

The department is still mourning the recent loss of its K-9 officer, Anon, during a recent storm. However, it also recently welcomed an additional staffer in the form of a secretary.

“She’s been here for two weeks and is helping me with clerical and paperwork,” Hite said.

Hite, 46, said his next oldest officer is 32 with the remaining full-timers in their 20s. The part-timers, he said, are in the their late 50s, including one retired sheriff’s office deputy.