Attend the public hearing

Published 2:03 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk in the community along the streets of Victoria and Kenbridge about what needs to happen in terms of school funding in Lunenburg regarding the upcoming budget.

There have been opinions included in our news coverage of the issue of the proposed fiscal year 2017-18 county operating budget, and on the editorial pages of this newspaper.

It’s my hope that the citizens, school teachers and everyone else who pays taxes in this county who are concerned about the budget and how it could affect the public school system attend the public hearing on the budget Thursday at 6 p.m.

In order to make a well-informed decision, county supervisors hold such hearings. They want to hear from you. That’s why it’s called a public hearing. That’s why it’s advertised along with the proposed budget, and that’s why it’s in this  newspaper this week.

A public hearing is the formal opportunity for taxpayers and those concerned about the budget to step up to the podium and address supervisors on the record — one that will always be kept and never destroyed.

Many think the schools need the nearly $795,000 in additional funds the school board originally requested. Many think the schools don’t need the money, but should be satisfied with the additional funds proposed in the advertised budget.

Those opinions are needed by county supervisors so they can make an informed decision, one that best reflects the wishes of their constituents along with the school division.

I’ve always thought that a county’s operating budget is a direct reflection of where it’s priorities are as a board.

Whether or not you share my opinion shouldn’t affect your opinion on what county leaders need to do, whether it’s adding more money to the school’s budget, leaving it as advertised or decreasing the school’s funding.

Your opinion on the budget — whether it pertains to the school funding or not — it warranted and wanted regarding the upcoming fiscal year budget.

Jordan Miles is managing editor if The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. His email address is