Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I’v been trying to write a “Thank You” letter for several hours but have been unable to do so because my words seem so inadequate. How do you thank someone who is the most important person in your life? How do you say thank you when everyday He exceedingly and abundantly showers you with blessings? Someone who wakes you every morning with a kiss and tells you how much He loves you. What do you say when it seems as if words are not enough?

Jesus wakes us each morning and starts us off on a new day. He has wiped clean the slate from yesterday and we can start over again. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, but today is here and it is a present from Him. He tells us we are strong, confident, and can do anything with His help. Jesus says we are special to Him and that He was willing to die for us. He is also willing to forgive us of all our sins and mistakes when asked. What a love, what a love!

I always imagine Jesus talking to me and these are some of the things he says: “I woke you up this morning and gave you hot water to take a shower. You looked into the refrigerator and there was food. After breakfast you went outside and the weather was sunny but not too hot. When you got into your car the motor started and you went on your merry way. I do these things for you because you are my child and I love you. No good things will I withhold from you because you are made in my image and I will always provide for you. I know that you wonder where I am when trouble comes but I am right here, all you have to do is call. Remember I know what you are going through and what you have been through so any time you want to talk just call me and I’ll be there waiting. Listen and follow my instructions for I will not steer you wrong. Heed my warning and I will take you to a new level for with my help all thing are possible.”

So again, how do you thank someone who is so awesome? Which words should I use to say thank for all the blessings Jesus provides on a daily basis? What can be said to truly show how grateful I am? I think I will just write, “Thank You Father for Your many blessings, I love You deeply.” That is enough. Be Bless In Jesus’ Name.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for the K-V Dispatch. She can be reached at