Honoring loved ones

Published 1:44 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Members of the Kenbridge-Victoria Lions Club made a meaningful gesture May 15 when they honored loved ones lost by donating a bench with a memorial plaque at the Victoria Railroad Park.

Grief can draw people together. Three members of the Lunenburg County community, Richard Speights, Susan Elizabeth Wright and Kenneth “Ken” Saunders died in Feb. 2017. Taking a few moments for friends and family members to gather at the park, install the bench and either in silence or in conversation, remember them is really special.

“Ken, Richard and Sue all loved the Lions Club very much,” Marlene O’Connell, Saunders’ wife, said in a past Dispatch report. “They did lots of things for Victoria. I believe they would really be happy that we’re remembering them because they did so much.”

In the spirit of remembering Speights, Wright and Saunders, below are details about their life and service.

Chris Craft, coordinator for the Lunenburg County Ministries Richard Speights Memorial Golf Tournament, said Speights was “a minister. He was a used car salesman. He loved his family and he loved God. He was just an all-around, genuine good guy.”

Virginia State Claims Association (VSCA) President Jo Tomlin confirmed that Wright was the first woman president the VSCA in 1984. Wright also served as a trustee and secretary of the Southside Regional Library system for eight years, married to Oliver L. “Ollie” Wright and served as treasurer of the Friends of the Victoria Public Library.

Kenneth “Ken” Saunders organized the Ken’s Walk-a-Thon in the area nearly 21 years ago, in addition to being the Kenbridge-Victoria Lions Club Tailtwister, or a member that generates support and enthusiasm for the organization in the county. Saunders was born in Hamilton, Bermuda Nov. 11, 1955, according to his obituary, and attended a school for the Blind in Richmond. Saunders and O’Connell met in school.

We commend those who know and love Speights, Wright and Saunders for continuing to keep their memories alive.

Emily Hollingsworth is a staff reporter for The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch and Farmville Newsmedia LLC. Her email address is Emily. Hollingsworth@KVDispatch.com.