In the spirit

Published 10:29 am Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Did you ever find yourself humming and feeling exuberance, you do not realize that you are humming but you are doing it? Sometimes it takes a little time before you realize what you are humming. It can be hours and by then you are in the spirit.

My Husband, Charles and I were on the train June 27, going to New York to celebrate our 60th anniversary. After finishing breakfast, Charles decided to return to our seats but I remained in the dining car.

I started humming and was in the spirit. God is a wise God and He knows there is a place and time for all things. God will not let me be loud and disturb the persons in the dining car. I was in the spirit, sitting quietly humming and feeling good. I’m sure that the ones around me felt God’s presence because they stopped talking and the baby running around stopped crying. The car grew silent. No one speaking, but I kept humming quietly. When God’s presence is around He lets Himself be known.

I went back to my seat and played with my puzzle, knowing that God had made His presence known. Maybe in that moment God spoke to someone to let him or her know how much He cares, even though the world is in such a state of chaos He is in the midst of everything. Be bless in Jesus’ name.

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