Published 11:52 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My daughter and her husband were going on vacation July 14 and needed someone to come to Maryland and baby-sit and that could only mean one thing — roadtrip.

On Friday morning, July 13, my sister Beulah and I (with a car full of gas) went happily on our way to baby-sit my grandson, Ratty. We had the wind blowing through our hair and our music was playing loudly. The traffic was heavy but we didn’t care because the music was serenading us, we listened to the blues for the entire trip: “Downhome Blues, Down home blues All I wanted to hear was some down home blues, all night long every other record or two …”

After the long ride and the heavy traffic, we were finally there, hello Maryland. Beulah and I always stop at Miller’s Farm for a snack prior to going to the house and this time was no exception. We had our little snack and headed up the road, time to get to baby-sitting.

After we finally got to the house it was time to see my grandson. He met us at the door along with his mom. She gave Beulah and I a kiss but Ratty looked like he was saying, “what are you two doing here?” He stared for a minute and then sashayed (yep, I said it, sashayed) his little body back in the living room, but he kept his eyes on us. I wasn’t concerned, he always played hard to get when we first get there.

The next day my kids were off on their vacation and it was just me, Beulah and Ratty, let the fun begin! Ratty was not in a friendly mood the first day, I think he was missing his mom so like most 15 year olds, he stayed in his room and pouted. I told him to come get his food and he turned up his nose … I wasn’t worried, we’ve (Beulah and I) been through this before with Ratty. We actually come up once a year and baby-sit him and it’s always the same routine, he’s not going to be bothered with us the first day, but after that it’s party time for the entire house.

We stayed in Maryland for 10 days and had a ball. Ratty was something else … he had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. Once he realized he needed us to eat and for companionship while his folks were gone he started hanging with us all day long. We watched TV together, sat on the deck together and ate around the same time.

My daughter (his mom) always says that Ratty is the best grandkid in the family. I tell her to stop it, I love all the kids the same but that Ratty is something else. He snuggled up on the couch with Beulah some days, and me on others. When I ignore him, he will pat my foot until he gets my attention. I would rub him and tell him how much Grandma loved him and he was happy. When he didn’t want to be bothered, he would lay in his bed; he had one in practically every room except the kitchen so we were never separated.

We had a grand old time but then his parents came home and once again he started ignoring Beulah and I. He walked past us as if we didn’t exist and refused the treats I had been giving him for 10 days, like I said, he’s something else. When we got ready to leave Sunday morning he stood by the door to make sure we were truly out of there. We waved goodbye but he turned up his nose and walked back to the living room. He’s one spoiled dog but I love him, after all, he is my grandbaby. Be bless in Jesus’ name.

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