Epps jailed for eluding and DWI

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Kevin Lamar Epps, Jr., a 44-year-old Crewe barber, was sentenced recently in Lunenburg Circuit Court to nine months and five days in jail for attempting to elude a state trooper on a speeding violation and driving while drunk, a news release from the Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney Office cited.

Epps was convicted of Felony Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer, a misdemeanor of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, and Driving on a Suspended License.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, the incident occurred on July 3 at 12:42 p.m.

Virginia State Trooper W.T. Dean was running radar on Route 49 north of Victoria when he noticed a white Acura 4-door sedan speeding 91 in a 55 (miles per hour) mph zone coming from the direction of Crewe. When Dean activated his lights and siren, the vehicle did not stop, but increased speed to 115 mph, the release cited. As the vehicle neared the intersection near the Lunenburg Correctional Center, the defendant passed a pickup truck on a double-solid line.

When the vehicle reached the town limits of Victoria, the driver slowed down to the speed limit of 45 and then 30 mph, the release cited.

Dean then used his loudspeaker (public address) PA system and commanded that he stop, but he still proceeded through some side streets in town until Dean was able to block him at 14th Street and Main Street Extension with the assistance of a county deputy.

When asked why he didn’t stop, the defendant said he wanted to get the car to his cousin’s house so it wouldn’t be towed. He also told the trooper that it was no need to do field sobriety tests because he was drunk. He failed the dexterity tests and the (preliminary breath test) PBT. His breath test on the Breathalyzer resulted in a 0.16 which is twice the legal limit, the release cited.

The judge sentenced Epps to five years on the felony and 12 months on the misdemeanor DWI with all suspended except nine months and five days which was within the recommendation of the Sentencing Guidelines, the release cited. Since the defendant had his own business as a barber, the judge authorized work release over the objection of the Commonwealth’s Attorney if Epps met the eligibility requirements, paid the fee, and if approved by the jail. He was also granted a delayed reporting to jail until Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.

In addition to his incarceration, Epps will also be required to be of good behavior for six years, supervised probation for one year, subject to warrantless searches and seizures, a $250 fine, and his driver’s license suspended for one year.

Epps was fined $100 on the conviction of Driving Suspended and his license or right to obtain one was suspended an additional six months, the release cited.