Wine festival delayed

Published 12:49 pm Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A wine festival under discussion by the Lunenburg County Chamber of Commerce over the past few months may not see fruition until next year, according to Chamber President Mel Payne.

Payne said during the Thursday chamber meeting that the initial plan was to hold the festival this year, but said the chamber would not have enough time to organize the event for this spring, and said the summer months would be too hot.

Payne said the plan is to use the year 2019 to organize the event, and potentially schedule the festival for next spring.

Chamber member Chris Craft, who had been heading the project, said he and a few others planned to attend a wine festival in Clarksville, in which they would ask vendors to fill out surveys about their experiences. The surveys will give chamber members an idea of which weekends vendors would be most available, in order for Lunenburg to have as many vendors as possible available for the event.

“If we were doing this for the first time, we wanted to do it right,” Chamber Vice President and Victoria Mayor Carol Watson said. “We wanted to be sure we had everything lined up for it to be a success.”

Members of the chamber voted in October 2018 to establish a committee to explore the possibility of organizing a wine festival for Lunenburg County.