Letter to the Editor — Solar is safe, clean

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, July 7, 2022

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To the Editor:

First, let me say a big ‘yes’ to solar. It is a very good thing, I remember back in my previous existence, 1967, moving from New York City to Benton, Kentucky. I thought that I had gone back in time. In some ways I had. I lived in a little house. Once a month a truck would come and fill the cistern with water. I had a party line phone. In the yard was a box with a glass cover. The winter sunlight made the veggies grow.

The point I am getting to is that I have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in that area now. It’s all up-to-date. All things change. The facts about solar power are very important to know. It’s safe. It’s clean. It is friendly for the planet. It doesn’t harm the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees. It’s not a newfangled thing. It’s the oldest form of power. There it is — up in the sky. Hooray for solar energy coming here where we live.

Second, Tommy Wright has a way of irritating me. I’m not sure he realizes that he’s a bit misogynistic. If he doesn’t want to have an abortion, he doesn’t have to. He can have a baby a year for all I care. It’s his business, and the people actually carrying, giving birth to, and caring for all those lives. When I was young, I had twins born in March of 1966, another baby in February of 1967, and another in January, 1968. Then I broke down crying in the doctor’s office begging him to tell me how to not have any more. I have six kids — then I was sterilized. I had friends with lots of kids too. Then you had to close shop for good, one way or another. If it was medically, you had to have your husband agree. Mine had no choice. It was that or he was shut out. Those were the choices. Does that seem fair?

I think, I believe, that abortion should be a very personal choice. It’s not an easy decision to make, but there are worse things. Think for a minute of those young mothers who kill their children because they are overwhelmed, overrun, overworked and overcome. While Tommy sits behind his desk and has never spent a day, after night, after day, and night, and days and nights caring for babies.

A few cells combined having the potential to make life is not a baby.

Even the word of Christ is that a breath of life is necessary.

And another thing, abortions are performed early. Mr. Wright, don’t be such a know it all when you know very little about it. Life is not a precious gift from God to everyone. Have you ever seen a hungry child? An abused child? An unwanted child? An abandoned child? If you are so sure of your god, maybe God is opening loving arms and saving these potential lives for another time. When someone is ready for them.

One more thing. God is a religious belief. This is America. We, us Americans, are not a theocracy. We are a democracy. Believe in whatever God, or gods, or no god at all. Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion.

Annamay Gambino