A Box of Love: We must use our imagination

Published 8:00 am Saturday, April 1, 2023

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A box of loveI read in the Sunday school lesson, “Support for Needed Projects.” The writer was comparing our lives with the superhero in the movies.

The writer said, “our lives are like a television show or a movie, and Jesus is the writer and director. Like in the film, as Jesus’ children, we will win as the heroes or heroines do.

Since we are talking about a script, we shall let our imaginations run wild here. Jesus has directed our lives, and the day will come when we are home in Heaven with Him.

I can’t fathom the beauty of Heaven. I can imagine the most beautiful garden with wide hues of assorted flowers, water streaming from lush green mountains and waterfalls, animals grazing in pastures, and children laughing and playing. The most beautiful and loving sight is the colorful Rainbow Garden of us, Jesus’ children, every hue, lovely interacting together. What a wonderful picture together as one in Jesus’ Heavenly Home.

Jesus has brought us through many strange journeys to get home, but He has been with us every step of the way. Sometimes, we may not have felt His presence, but He was always there. Jesus said, “My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Jesus knows sometimes our faith is not as strong as it should be, but that is when we need to call upon Him and tell Him we need His strength, and He will come to our aid. Jesus has the blueprint of our lives and knows what we will become, provided we accept Him.

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him and for Him. Colossians 1:16-18.

And He is the head of the body, the church; who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He might have the preeminence. Col. 1:18.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

Mary Simmons is a columnist for The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. She can be reached at aboxoflove37@gmail.com.