Tommy Wright: Democrats cry over spilt milk

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, April 30, 2023

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Tommy WrightDemocrats are in a lather over the fact that Governor Youngkin got a $1 million check last week. Large donations are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been the bread and butter of Virginia Democrats for decades. No one was better at that than Terry McAuliffe, who brought in six and seven figure sums from out-of-state groups and organizations all the time.

Last week’s generous gift shows how Governor Youngkin’s leadership is resonating with not only people here in the Commonwealth, but around the country.

What happens in Virginia isn’t just confined to our Commonwealth. In recent years, Virginia’s been seen as harbingers of what the next year’s Presidential cycle will look like, and people have noticed the stark choice we face.

Our entire country saw what happened to Virginia with just two years of unencumbered Democratic rule: higher crime, unworkable environmental policy, higher taxes, and a concerted effort to keep our schools closed for much longer than necessary.

What happened in Virginia was a warning for the rest of the nation. What we’ve done since is show people what focused, common-sense leadership can accomplish.

Governor Youngkin’s fundraising success shows people want to be a model for not only how Republicans can govern successfully, but also win elections based on that success.

Millions of Virginians and people from around the country share Governor Youngkin’s Vision for Virginia – common sense leadership that makes this the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Complaints from Democrats about the size of this donation and the location of the giver ring hollow, to say the least.

Huge donations from out of state, often from virtually unknown sources, have been the stock and trade of Democrats for the better part of two decades.

For example, Terry McAuliffe accepted a $1.7 million in-kind donation from a PAC during the 2021 cycle. A full 64% of his donations in 2021 were from out of state.

He also took $500,000 from Lycatell LLC in New Jersey, $250k from Hillsboro 56 LLC in Florida, and $200k from Terakeet LLC in New York. There was no outcry from Democrats over those donations.

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