Treasures on the Shelves: Bird eggs and books?

Published 5:44 pm Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Hey, folks! I have some really cool stuff going on at my house! If you like birds, that is. There are wrens nesting in a flowerpot on the front porch. Then there are robins nesting just outside of my kitchen window! The mama wren is sitting on several little eggs right now. My son, Jacob, came eyeball to eyeball with her the other day when he was checking the nest out! It was rather exciting there for a few seconds! The eggs in the robin’s nest have hatched and there are several nestlings peeking over the edge of the nest while mama hunts for worms. Maybe it is daddy hunting for worms. I’m not sure.So, how do nests and birds and eggs relate to the library? I don’t know. “I do not like blue eggs and ham”? That is kind of stretching it, I suppose. “Are you my mother”? I must have Dr. Seuss on the brain. That’s it! Children and children’s books!Our children’s summer reading program is right around the corner. It is going to be a lot of fun this year! Contact the libraries in Victoria and Kenbridge to find out dates and times for the programs. It is coming really soon! Check it out!Summer is a great time to get kids interested in reading. We also have a big selection of children’s books in both libraries. There are authors ranging from Dr. Seuss to Sir Paul McCartney! Bring those children in and help them start a lifetime of reading fun.

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J.B. Crenshaw is the library director for Lunenburg County Public Library System. He can be reached at