Delta Alpha chapter meets

At its first meeting of the new academic year, the Delta Alpha chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an honorary organization for key women educators, conducted an induction ceremony for new member, Kristin T. Peebles. Peebles is Director of Human Resources and Federal Programs for Lunenburg County Public Schools. Prior to that appointment, she had been Assistant Principal at Victoria Elementary School. In addition, certificates were presented to the following chapter members for milestones in their membership years in Delta Kappa Gamma:

• 5 years — Dawn Bacon

• 10 years — Brenda Edwards-Wade, Amy McClure, Elizabeth Lambert, and Dixie Dalton

• 15 years — Rita Ashton and Mary Ann Whitlow

• 25 years — Yvonne Moore

• 30 years — Jerry Chaney, Anne Hamlett, and Hilda Caldwell

• 42 years — Cynthia Arthur

The Delta Alpha chapter is composed of members who live or work(ed) primarily in the Southside Virginia counties of Lunenburg and Brunswick, with some exceptions.