Former Charger named top media professional

Published 1:56 pm Friday, September 25, 2015

A former Central High School graduate continues to make headlines in the business world as Mary Catherine Wellons was recently named one of LinkedIn’s top 10 media professionals 35 and under.

The Victoria native graduated has skyrocketed all the way from Central High School to her recent appointment as CNBC San Francisco bureau chief.

In describing Wellons LinkedIn states, “Silicon Valley is full of fast-rising stars. So it’s only fitting that one would be leading CNBC’s new San Francisco bureau, too. Wellons, 32, launched the financial news network’s splashy operation in April, complete with camera-friendly views of the Bay Bridge (and its own hashtag, #1Market).

It’s all an attempt to more aggressively cover the tech world, and the buzz pushed Wellons’s name into the news, according to Newsle data. Wellons wakes at 3:30 a.m. to get the bureau prepped for the day’s stories and manages CNBC’s partnership with tech site Re/code.

She began her career at NBC in 2005 as a page before quickly being promoted to a producer. She also holds the distinction of being CNBC’s first-ever director of social media.”

Social media has been a big part of her concentration as she went from time spent at The Cavalier Daily in 2001 to now being a part of an around the clock news company.

Wellons also noted the importance that technology has played in news and in her career. She stated previously, “I became so immersed in social media that I left production for a role in digital media. I loved being on the front lines of a news story, but it dawned on me that digital media IS the front line.”

Wellons is the daughter of Billy and Jane Wellons of Victoria.