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OPINION — Virginia transforms quickly to a progressive state

Even the most ardent opponents of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration must have some amount of respect for the magnitude of change that has been ... Read more

3 days ago by Roger Watson.

Students help clean town park

With spring coming in so temperate and the weather being beautiful, the Town of Kenbridge has taken the opportunity to work on the town park. ... Read more

3 days ago by Staff Report.

Marijuana legalization is very bad policy

The 2021 General Assembly reconvened session that occurred last week was almost exactly what I expected it to be – a confirmation of the 2021 ... Read more

6 days ago by Tommy Wright.

Marijuana legislation makes little sense

The reconvened session was held last week with few surprises. Most Republican proposed legislation had already been killed.  For this reason, we mostly considered technical ... Read more

6 days ago by Frank Ruff.

SVCC students impact many aspects of daily life

Have you recently had a medical appointment? Conducted business online? Needed your electricity restored after storm damage? If so, you may have benefited from the ... Read more

1 week ago by Quentin Johnson.

COLUMN — A thank you letter

When I moved to Farmville in April 2016, it was an unsettling time in my life. Yes, I had the blessing of a full-time job ... Read more

1 week ago by Titus Mohler.

Students learn consequences of social media

Mary Ann Crowder recently visited Karen McGrath’s marketing and economics and personal finance classes to talk about digital footprints. She stressed to each student the ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Staff Report.

COLUMN – It was a bad session for the Second Amendment

The 2021 General Assembly session concluded its work March 1, and as promised last week, I wanted to continue to tell you about some of ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Tommy Wright.

COLUMN – Fiber remains the best option for broadband

I can remember how everyone’s hopes were raised in Charlotte County when Microsoft teamed with MBC and promised to bring free wireless to all school ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

COLUMN – Good should work for results, stop playing political games

Fifth District Congressman Bob Good was one of only 12 members of the House (all Republicans) who voted against a resolution Wednesday, March 17, to ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Roger Watson.

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