Supervisors agree to increase permit fees

Published 2:00 pm Friday, September 25, 2015

Following a public hearing on Thursday night during the September meeting of the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors, building permit fees have been increased after a unanimous vote.

The only change to previous discussions about raising the fees revolved around the time period required in order to have to get a new permit for electrical reconnect situations.

Supervisor Frank Bacon said that he would like to see the time frame moved back to 60 days before a homeowner would need a new permit and hook up inspection. This is a change that would possibly help some rental property owners if there was a change in residents, and if it took some time to find a different renter or if someone had property in the county and only came down in limited instances.

”If someone’s power is off for more than 30 days in the county, you are currently required to come get a new permit,” said County Administrator Tracy Gee.

Supervisor Bob Zava said, “I think moving the time frame to 60 days is reasonable.” He would then make a motion to amend that portion of the new fee schedule. That and the overall changes to cost for building permits was approved.

The fee increases include a $50 base fee on top of the 10 cents per square foot of heated space charged when building new residential structures. The minimal residential fee would rise from $20 to $35 and there would no longer be a maximum fee for new residential construction.

Residential additions would see a base fee of $25, up from the current minimum of $20.

Commercial new construction would go from four cents to five cents per square foot and the minimum commercial fee would increase from $50 to $100. Again, there would be no maximum fee for a commercial building, which is a change from the previous $500 maximum. Commercial renovation amounts would also jump as the base fee would move to $150.

Electrical and mechanical permit fees would see residential amounts jump from $20 to $35 and commercial fees would move from $50 to $100.

Agricultural, religious or structures located within an enterprise zone would have no charge in order to obtain permits.

The fees that Lunenburg currently charges are less than in areas such as Nottoway, Mecklenburg and Prince Edward, but these new proposed fees would get Lunenburg in the range of what Mecklenburg currently charges.

A copy of the new fees can be obtained at the county administrator’s office and are also expected to be placed online for viewing.