New grass/leaf/brush policy takes effect

Published 4:20 pm Thursday, October 8, 2015

Effective Oct. 1 the Town of Kenbridge will have a new policy for grass/leaf/brush pickup put into effect. The policy is as follows:

Grass clippings, leaves and small brush need to be in trash bags or trash cans no larger than 32 gallons in order for the Town to perform pickup services at no cost. This will be picked up with regular garbage collection. If the pile is small enough to fit in bags and/or trashcans and is not in the container, they will not be picked up.

For larger brush/tree items that will not fit in the trash cans or bags, the Town may charge for pickup. Prices will be determined by Maintenance Personnel. Smaller piles, as determined by maintenance, will be at no cost or at a nominal rate. Larger piles will be charged more, dependent on number of Town employees used, equipment and time taken that is necessary to perform the cleanup. Residents will have to visit the Town office and pay for the service upfront after they are given a quote. Pickup will then be scheduled and performed as soon as possible.

Free debris pickup will be available during third full week of April, Monday through Friday and third full week of October, Monday through Friday.