Marston for Victory?

Published 7:42 am Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Editor,

Spend a few minutes reviewing articles in the Blackstone Courier-Record, Greg Marston’s Facebook page and and you will likely ask: Doesn’t the 61st District of Virginia deserve better, much better, than Greg Marston?

Marston’s main themes seem to be how hemp will save Southside Virginia agriculture and a loathing of his opponent, Delegate Tommy Wright.

Buck Tharpe in his June 10 “Letter to the Editor” entitled “Marston’s effort purely political” cites examples of failed agri-business attempts, such as Marston is proposing with hemp, because adequate research was not conducted first.

With Marston’s approach in the hemp issue the losers would, again, be Virginia’s farmers.

Marston’s diatribes against Delegate Wright are too numerous to mention in the space allowed here.

Candidate Marston’s behavior in public should be of particular concern to voters.

His inappropriate dress and a lack of respect when addressing public officials should raise questions about how he might behave if he were elected as the 61st District delegate.

Acting much like a spoiled child who does not get his way, Marston’s temper tantrums are often virulent toward those who oppose him.

As with any election we should be diligent in deciding for whom we will vote.

This contest is no different.

Bill Outlaw