Weekly birthdays

Published 10:50 am Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oct. 4: Kaitlyn Matthews, Katie Tyler, Buddy Whitaker, Melissa Penland and Chad Berkley. Oct. 5: Mary Beth Snow, Janet G. Ashworth, Auarin Hoover, Helen G. Holder, Wendy Bagley, Dale Thompson, Todd Williams and Danielle Banta. Oct. 6: Katie Beth Tyler, Janie Chapman, Tom Baldwin, Adam Ashworth and Chasity Reiver. Oct. 7: Ron Beck, Billy Wellons, David A. Dalton, Estelle McCrimmon, Andrew Kennedy, Gloria Matthews and Jeanna Bagley. Oct. 8: Eli Bailey and Lexi Gregoric. Oct. 9: Wayne Gee and Marissa Morris. Oct. 10: Leslie Leistra, Tammy M. Williams, Yvonne Moore, Judy Williams, Angie McDade, Tommy Chumney, Mark Wallace and Richard Ashton.