Chamber recognizes AyLOR Guns & Ammo

Published 8:01 am Monday, November 16, 2015

The Lunenburg Chamber of Commerce awarded AyLOR Guns & Ammo LLC a certificate last week for being chosen “Business of the Month.”

AyLOR, owned and operated by Paula Kay Watlington on Main Street in Victoria, sells firearms and accessories, while also offering concealed-carry certification classes and gunsmithing services.

Watlington has been in the gun business for 10½ years and opened AyLOR in 2008 because she wanted to help the community.

“I felt like it is a need in the community,” she said.

“It’s a convenience for the hunters and for people that love to target practice. It is very hard for people to drive two hours away for ammo or a holster, or for a gun cleaning. I didn’t get into this to be a millionaire, I knew that wouldn’t happen. I just wanted to pay my bills and help the community. That is why I did it and continue to do it. I feel like it helps the community.”

Since opening the business, AyLOR has gained a customer base that she never knew appreciated her so much.

“I’m ecstatic. I really, truly am shocked, and I really appreciated it actually. It was very heartfelt.” to be selected as Business of the Month,” Watlington said.

“It’s hard out here, especially as a woman-owned business and dealing with a small town. Small towns are not flourishing any more. Being a small business is very difficult and it is a wonderful feeling to know that you are appreciated in the community. It makes me feel really good about all the work that I am are doing to stay here.”