LCPS adopts electronics policy

Published 7:27 am Monday, November 16, 2015

The Lunenburg County School Board voted to temporarily maintain its policy of not allowing outside electronic devices to connect to the Central High School network.

But that policy will change once the network’s firewalls that block viruses is strengthened, and then students will be able to connect to the school’s system using ipads and personal laptops.

While the restrictions remaining in place, students use the school systems electronics, including computers and tablets, school system officials noted.

Even once the change takes place cellphones will not be allowed in schools during hours of operation.

The decision, made at the Monday, Nov. 9 meeting, followed a debate by the Bring Your Own Device Committee that was set up to consider the issue.

The creation of the committee and debate was prompted by students who went to the board over the matter in September.

The committee looked at three options, including allowing all electronic devices to be used at the school, but feared that if they allowed those devices it could overwhelm the network, Superintendent Charles M. Berkley Jr. said.