Weekly birthdays

Published 6:57 am Monday, November 16, 2015

Oct. 11: Joan Parrish, Jacob Bacon and Jayden Williams; Oct. 12: Alex Boyd, Alyssa Reynolds, Steven Queensberry, Tommy Hite, Helen Jane Baugh, Brent Hood and Theresa Beckett; Oct. 13: Kim Caudle and Thomas Barnes Jr.; Oct. 14: Lilly Gary, Trey Tucker, Seth Otey, Chadd Harding and Tommy Hoover; Oct. 15: Thelma Atkins; Oct. 16: Peter Ghee, Cadence Wallace, Harvey Jeter, Connie Hendricks, James S. Nowlin and Emily Paige Crenshaw; Oct. 17: Sophia Grace Burton, Ashley Harding, Katherine Arthur, Tammy Bishop, Gene Chamberlayne and Stuart Taylor.