Chargers bring county pride

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

While football season has ended for most area teams, the Central Lunenburg Chargers are still going strong. After a 7-3 regular season that drew much applause, they are generating more community pride with their fast start in the Virginia High School League Group A East Region playoffs, having whipped Lancaster on Friday night in the first round.

The Chargers head off to Franklin for a second-round game on Friday, and I can’t imagine how excited the Lunenburg community is for the team.

Fans are abuzz about the quick Keaun Baskerville, a senior running back who leads the Chargers’ punishing ground attack, and steady senior quarterback Josh Paynter, who doesn’t pass often but makes it count when he does.

The Chargers are playing their best at just the right time of the season.

The team has excelled despite suffering many injuries this season, including a case of appendicitis, a broken arm and foot, and ankle sprains. But, have the Chargers given up? Of course not.

They have adapted and have trusted other players to step up and give their all in each game.

The young men on the team and the coaches should be pleased to have such an involved hometown that loves and appreciates them so. Much support has been shown at every home game when fans pack the stands — even on chilly nights — to cheer on the team.

By advancing in the playoffs, the Chargers are giving Lunenburg yet another reason to be proud of where they live. For some, it is a feeling of pride because their sons are playing on the team.

For others, there is a lingering feeling of joy and excitement for being able to witness the team’s accomplishments throughout the season.

And for some it is just being able to gladly say, “That’s my team.”

Hannah Davis is the editor of The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch. She can be reached at