LCPS use survey to gain insight

Published 6:45 am Monday, December 7, 2015

Earlier this month, Lunenburg County Public Schools announced a survey to gain input from parents, students and the community as the school board looks at changing the class scheduling for Central High School.

The decision to conduct the survey was made by Superintendent Charles Berkley Jr. and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Sidney Long. “They wanted to have feedback on how teachers, students and parents and community members feel regarding the existing block system and other scheduling systems,” said Meri Page Spencer, Lunenburg County Public Schools coordinator of parental involvement and the system’s spokesperson.

The whole reason to conduct a survey is the most obvious, Spencer said — you simply never know what you are going to get until the results come back

“We see the survey as just one tool that we will be using to determine whether we keep doing what we are doing or whether we will make a change,” she said.

Currently, the high school uses regular block scheduling consisting of four class periods each day for half of a year, with four new classes for the last half of the year.

Also being considered is having seven periods of the same classes for a full year; and a modified A/B schedule that is one or two periods that are a year-long with certain classes held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and certain other classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Cost and other educational research available on the different scheduling systems will be taken into account in making the decision.   

Survey questions were put together after looking at surveys done by other school systems, doing some online research, and looking at both in-house information and information from other school systems gathered by the Guidance Department Chair at the high school, Stephanie