Victoria amends noise ordinance

Published 6:44 am Monday, December 7, 2015

After months of consideration and discussion, the Victoria Town Council has amended its noise ordinance.

The council adopted the changes to its ordinance after a November public hearing that drew no comment.

The ordinance, amended at Nov. 9 meeting, provides regulation on a number of topics, including the blowing of car horns, ringing of bells and the times demolitions can take place (7 a.m. until 6 p.m.), said J.A. Dayton, the acting town manager.

But the focus has been on what it means for loud music.

The existing noise ordinance was too general, Dayton said. The amended ordinance satisfies a judge’s request that it have some specifications to it, while also avoids the need for purchasing decimal meters for police officers to use.

“We had to narrow it down,” said Dayton, who is also a former town police chief.

The amendment had been in the works for months and clarifies noise as being heard 100 feet or more from its source, Dayton said.

Now the town will make sure its officers are trained as to how to properly articulate a violation to a judge, Dayton said.

“We need to elaborate on how far (away) we can hear it — make sure it’s causing a public nuisance instead of just disturbing one person,” Chief Keith Phillips said.