Any time is train time at VES

Published 8:27 am Monday, December 28, 2015

Kindergartners at Victoria Elementary School learned about trains and train safety recently.

To reinforce what students learned, Raiford Wilson, locomotive engineer and operation lifesaver trainer with Norfolk Southern, visited the school.

Wilson encouraged students to “Stay Off, Stay Away and Stay Alive.”

Students learned that not only is being on railroad tracks considered trespassing, which is against the law, but that it is very dangerous. Students learned that they could be seriously injured and possibly lose their life.

Students also learned not to put objects on the train tracks. They learned that railroad spikes, rocks, coins and drink cans can be thrown out by the train and hit someone.

These objects, if put on the tracks, could also be dangerous for the train itself, its engineers, conductors and other staff on the train.

Students learned to “Look, Listen, and Live,” if they are ever in a situation when they are near a railroad crossing.

Students learned that a railroad crossing is marked by a cross buck. The lesson concluded with students learning “The Cross Buck,” a rap and dance, to reinforce what they had learned.