My Christmas angel named Patricia

Published 8:40 am Monday, December 28, 2015

Dear Editor,

Seven years ago on a very cold December day, my home caught on fire. As I stood helpless watching and waiting for the fire department to arrive — new to this area, not having or knowing who to call — I stood in the yard alone with tears frozen on my face.

No shoes. No coat.

Several onlookers stopped and then went on. But one beautiful lady stopped with long brown hair, maybe with her husband, and she stood there with me and I could see she, too, was visibly shaken with the horrifying sights and sounds as my home — at that point — was completely engulfed in flames.

This beautiful lady, when getting ready to leave, hugged me and took off her coat. With tears in her eyes, and mine, she helped me put her coat on.

I recall simply asking, “What is your name?” She simply choked out one word: Patricia.

I have never forgotten her act of kindness or the beautiful brown jacket that I wear every single October, November and December.

Well Patricia, this December caught us all in a heatwave — that I am loving — but, no matter the weather I have never forgotten you.

I have gotten many compliments on the little brown jacket and I always smile thinking, “Yes, it belongs to me, and a beautiful angel name Patricia.”

Merry Christmas to you my friend, the beautiful angel on a cold December day.

Brenda Inman