County’s holiday spirit inspires

Published 4:15 pm Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lunenburg County held several events during December that put many residents in the holiday spirit.

Not only was there a Christmas parade and decorations contest, but Santa was spotted at several places and  schoolchildren have been seen caroling down Main Street of Victoria.

This is what makes our county a great place to live — the community coming together to bring fun and joy to everyone, even people they don’t know.

The volunteers who made these events possible should be commended for their community pride and holiday spirit. They have made our community a great place to be during the holidays and have put so much effort into planning each event in December.

It took time for the Chamber of Commerce to plan the rules and deadlines for their decorations contest.

It then took more time for the group to judge all the beautifully decorated doors, windows and storefronts. It also took effort and creativity from those businesses to participate in the contest.

The Town of Victoria coordinated the parade and in doing so had a big responsibility on its hands.

Organizers had to contact numerous agencies and people to shut down the street, recruit participants for the parade and plan out the procession of the event.

It’s organizations and volunteers like the ones mentioned that help make our community a better place to live. They deliver festive events, they cater to our feedback and they work hard to inspire us just because they want us to enjoy the holidays.

We are one lucky county to have people like this living among us.