County to put cameras at sites

Published 4:15 pm Thursday, January 21, 2016

In an effort to curtail abuse of the facilities, Lunenburg County will put cameras at some of its convenience center trash collection sites.

Frustrated with illegal dumping and vandalism, the county’s board of supervisors made the decision at itsThursday, Jan. 7, meeting.

“Society has definitely changed,” Supervisor Alvester L. Edmonds said.

Board members want abusers prosecuted and see cameras as the best way. “If you’ve got the tape, they’ve got the evidence,” Supervisor T. Wayne Hoover said. Hoover said the county has to stop the damage at the sites, noting, “We don’t have the money to keep fixing this stuff.”

It was not clear just how many or which sites would get cameras, though Oral Oaks is probably one. The site is one of the most frequented and has a long history of tires being dumped there.

“We have got to be responsible,” Supervisor Robert G. Zava said. “That’s hazardous waste.”

Supervisor Frank Bacon said the problem is one that the board has been dealing with for 25 years.

County Attorney Frank Rennie said word of the cameras will likely solve the problem. “The word gets out everything you do is going to be recorded and 90 percent of your problem goes away,” he said.

Meanwhile, the board started laying the foundation for cameras to be installed at some of the county departments, such as the courts building and treasurer’s office.

Board members noted they have an obligation to protect the county’s employees.