A round of applause for VDOT employees

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Over the weekend most of Virginia was hit pretty hard by Winter Storm Jonas, which brought 9.5-10 inches of snow across Lunenburg County.

While many enjoyed the snow days at home with their children, some did not have that luxury as it was the Virginia Department of Transportation’s job to ride on roads covered in snow and ice and plow highways so that residents in Lunenburg — and across Virginia — could drive safely throughout their travels.

We want to thank VDOT for not only doing its job and cleaning up roadways, but for always doing its best to keep Lunenburg County residents safe.

Without the help of VDOT — and others who volunteer to plow roads — many residents would be stuck at their homes for days without a way to get around unless they had four-wheel drive. We are blessed to have hard-working VDOT employees to care for our area.