Kenston forensics wins big

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Association of Virginia Academies held its annual Middle School Forensic Tournament at Tidewater Academy on Friday, March 11. Fifth-, sixth- and seventh-graders from six schools competed in the areas of prose reading, poetry reading, oral interpretation, public speaking and spelling.

Kenston Forest placed first at the fifth-grade level, tied for first at the sixth-grade level and placed second at the seventh-grade level. The team also placed first overall and was awarded the James T. Davidson Memorial Award for having the highest quality point average. The team was coached by Nancy Hawthorne, Sallie Ann Buchanan and Erin Duncanson.

Individual honors went to:



Peyton Vaught, first place boy’s monologue; Alden Schodt, first place boy’s poetry; Asa Murry, third place boy’s prose; Hanna Mahaney, first place girl’s prose; Titiyanna Lawson, third place girl’s poetry; Rylee Wilkerson, third place girl’s monologue; Sophie Crowder, first place serious public speaking; Gabby Saul, second place humorous public speaking; and J.D. Rimon, first place spelling.


Gracie Gunn, first place girl’s prose; Shelby Gunn, second place girl’s poetry; Schuyler Green, honorable mention in girl’s monologue; Caden Haynes, honorable mention in boy’s prose; Collin Clary, first place boy’s poetry; Ryan Whitehead, first place boy’s monologue; Juliette Kirker, first place humorous public speaking; Michael Clark, first place serious public speaking; and Kristin Sheffield, honorable mention in spelling.


Mya Mahaney, first place girl’s poetry; Avalon Dougherty, first place girl’s prose; Molly Epperson, honorable mention in girl’s monologue; Ryan Davis, second place boy’s prose; Elijah Scorzelli, third place boy’s poetry; Aedan DiRienzo, second place boy’s monologue; Faith Spruill, second place humorous public speaking; Camille Bacon, third place serious public speaking; Loren Maitland, first place spelling.