Spring into new season

Published 8:10 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

As we all turned our clocks forward recently, we may have experienced a feeling of joy and excitement for a new season knocking at our door.

A new season that brings warmer weather and a fresh start for some. It is a time for spring cleaning, and the start of working on gardens or lawns in preparation for the summer. But, maybe the changing of the season is a good time to reflect and starting helping ourselves look better … or be better.

We tend to get excited for the warm weather so that we can relax outside and soak in the sun. We deserve it after suffering a cold winter season that spread blankets of snow and sheets of ice across our area for days at a time.

So, we say, relax. Enjoy yourself and that time soaking up the sun.

But, don’t forget about your community and how much you can help it during the warm weather seasons too.

Work on your garden and arrange to start being a part of the 5th Avenue Farmer’s Market. You can provide fresh garden vegetables and goodies to those wanting to have a healthy diet, while also making a little cash for yourself.

Take time to pick up trash in your community. The snow is no longer here to cover up litter. You can help by continuing to help the community look well and litter-free.

Walk down Main Street in Victoria and Kenbridge and take the time to look in locally-owned stores. You may not have noticed what items they have because it has been too chilly to stroll down each block. But, by noticing what these stores offer, you could find yourself buying items for area families that need your support to thrive in the community.

We encourage Lunenburg residents to get out there and help our community by supporting them this spring.