County softball season begins, concession stand underway

Published 8:31 am Thursday, April 14, 2016

Forgive Tony Matthews his enthusiasm.

For him, the day is finally here.

“Yes, it is finally here,” he said. “The day that comes whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not.  Whether spring weather has come or not.  Whether the concession stand is ready or not.  The show must go on.”

Lunenburg Girls Softball started the new month by kicking off its new season, and using its new concession stand, Matthews told other supporters of the organization in an email.

The new concession stand is a major undertaking for the organization, and serving out of “it is a huge step in the right direction,” he said.

Actually, the structure is more than just a concession stand. It is a 24 X 24, two-story building with bathrooms, press boxes and meeting room, along with concession stand, Matthews said. The old stand had been there since the league’s inception and was as outdated as it was small, he said.

The stand will enable the organization to host more events that will bring people into the community, Matthews said.

Most of the downstairs concession is finished, and supporters are still working hard to get siding and windows in, he said.

“We are working but need some more donations,” he noted.

Volunteers have purchased materials, lent equipment or expertise, or just provided a helping hand when there has been someone working, Matthews said in an email to supporters.

Fundraising for it, however, remains a priority.

“I have been pleased at the progress we are making and look forward to its completion,” he said. “We will need everyone to help with fundraising if possible. This is a project that we would like to make great and useful. Any ideas on fundraising are welcome for consideration, but support of the fundraising we do will be the most helpful.”

The organization has lots to celebrate, Matthews said. Besides plans “to be serving great food out of our concession stand with new clean bathrooms,” they have also just completed their 10th season as a Dixie Softball organization.

Late last year, Matthews boasted that the league was started as the dream of a few folks in the county who wanted the girls to have a place to showcase their athletic ability along with the boys, and has now grown into a league “that is as competitive in our district as any other team.”

He said the group will always be a place for the local junior high and high schools to pull talent and maintain winning traditions.

In March just before the season started, the league was still taking donations of gently used gloves, cleats and bats. Those in need of something could go and look in the donation box before buying it, he said.

“This is a way that we can help each other out,” Matthews said.