County to again look at staggering assessments with its neighbors

Published 4:11 pm Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lunenburg County’s Board of Supervisors will again consider the idea of coordinating assessments with neighboring localities, staggering their assessements so that they will  not be all at the same time.

Board members broached the subject during their April meeting with the Commonwealth Regional Council planning district.

“I know it can’t be done overnight, but it should be looked at,” Supervisor Frank Bacon said.

Morgan Dunnavant, a member of the Buckingham County Board of Supervisors who is also on the Commonwealth Regional Council Board, said the idea has appeal.

“I do think that coordinating on the reassessment is a good thing,” he said.

“If you think about it, we’re all grouped in this district because we’re all more similar than different.”

He said coordinating the assessment would mean that “they’d be doing it somewhere at all times.”

Officials said that coordinating the assessment would allow those doing the work to become more familiar with the area.

Beverley Hawthorne, the county’s director of community development, noted that in working with the land parcels for planning commission business that “there is evidence that past assessments have been less than thorough and some buildings have been missed completely.”