Miracles happen every day

Published 12:52 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I recently had a motorcycle crash in rural Dinwiddie County near Fort Pickett.

People from multiple counties (including Amelia, Dinwiddie, Nottoway and Lunenburg) responded with compassionate prayers for full recovery when the word went out about the crash.

Members of local churches, Crewe\Burkeville and Blackstone chambers of commerce helped spread the word about the horrific crash throughout the community.

I want to tell everyone thank you for lifting up my situation and health concerns. Your kind and compassionate pleas were heard and answered by our merciful God.

“The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” — Psalms 6:9, comes to mind.

I sustained numerous injuries that had all the medical professionals saying, “You shouldn’t have survived the crash.” I had 14 broken ribs, sternum, left shoulder blade, multiple vertebrae in back and neck, a bruised lung and heart, suffered a severe concussion, multiple contusions and significant bruising.

A first responder from the McKenney Volunteer Fire Department was the first on scene and told me later, “As I pulled up, you were not moving at all. I thought you might be dead.”

I was life flighted to the VCU Trauma Center Intensive Care Unit, where I was treated for injuries, including emergency back surgery.

My near-death experience proves miracles still happen in a day when a large group of Americans claims God doesn’t exist and miracles just don’t happen anymore.

Eight weeks have passed since the crash in March, and I am back to work at The Computing Hub in Blackstone fixing computers, teaching continuing education classes, renting office and meeting space for local businesses and events.

So the next time someone says there is no God or that “miracles just don’t happen anymore,” take them to The Computing Hub and tell me miracles don’t happen anymore. They absolutely do.

With years of experience in emergency management and disaster relief in the American Red Cross, where miracles literally happen every day, I now have my own miracle story to tell.

Jeff Nice is the owner of The Computing Hub in Blackstone. He can be reached at Jeff@thecomputinghub.com.