Residents want something done about intersection

Published 10:27 am Thursday, June 30, 2016

There was a wreck last week at the intersection of Barnes Street and East 6th Avenue in Kenbridge.

It was minor, as wrecks go.

But, for residents, it was a reminder of a continuing problem.

“There are constantly people flying through the stop signs,” said Gretchen Zwickert, who lives in the area. “A lot of the community feels they need a four-way stop or bigger stop signs.”

Right now, two of the four corners have stop signs.

Residents complain that logging trucks often come through, and they, and other vehicles, often exceed the speed limit.

Photo by Gretchen Zwickert A minor wreck took place at the intersection last week.

Photo by Gretchen Zwickert
A minor wreck took place at the intersection last week.

Police Chief Raymond Hite said the intersection might not be one of the busiest, but it is where the town and county meet.

Otherwise, the problem at the interstate is not that unusual, he said.

“Every intersection is dangerous,” Hite said. “I tell my people, ‘When you have on sirens and lights and come to an intersection look both ways. People have got their minds on so many other things.’”

Hite said he has his officers lookout for intersections that may need attention, and is going to ask the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to consider changes such as making some intersections four-way stops. Barnes and 6th is one of those he wants VDOT to consider changing. He would also like VDOT to consider installing strobe lights at some intersections.

“I kind of like the four-way stop, but I know cost-wise that’s not feasible for the town,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hite said people should also contact him about intersections they have concerns about.

“I hate to see accidents and anything we can do to prevent them, I’m all for it,” Hite said.