School board adopts SOL exam exemption incentive

Published 4:40 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Lunenburg County School Board will give students who pass the Standards of Learning exam the option of taking a grade based on his or her score.

The school board adopted the policy during its Monday, July 11, meeting.

“We’re looking at getting our SOL, scores up and this is an incentive,” Board member Amy McClure explained in June. “If they pass the SOL I definitely think they deserve some type of reward.”

Those taking advantage of the exception can have no more than five unexcused absences.

McClure had broached the prospects of such a policy earlier this year.

Sidney Long, director of instruction/personal/federal programs for the system, distributed information to the school board at its end-of-the-year June 30 meeting, and the board scheduled to take action during its most recent meeting.

McClure and Long noted that other systems are doing the same thing.