LGS Debs finish 2-2 in state

Published 5:51 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Lunenburg Girls Softball Debs did not win the state title, but they showed themselves competitive throughout the recent Dixie Softball Debs State Tournament in Kenbridge, going 2-2.

A 9-6 loss to Powhatan on July 20 brought Lunenburg’s season to an end.

“We lost to a really good team,” Lunenburg Manager Jimmy Ray Dalton said. “I think we showed up to play tonight, and I think we played well, but we lost. That happens.”

His team took an early lead in the game off of a solo home run by Meri Agnes Dalton.

Powhatan bounced back, though, and held a 3-2 lead later in the game. Lunenburg tied things up when Dalton reached home on a passed ball. Nikera Lee gave Lunenburg a sudden 6-3 lead with a three-run home run.

In the bottom of the sixth, Powhatan loaded the bases, batted a run in and then scored another to make it 6-5 with only one out on the board. Manager Dalton brought Ellie Richmond on the mound at that point.

“We thought maybe changing speeds would help a little bit,” he said. “I didn’t know if Riley (Jones) had gotten a little bit tired.”

Richmond pitched well throughout the tourney, but Powhatan was still able to get its bat on the ball, hitting two home runs to score its final three runs.

Three different girls for Lunenburg finished the game having gone 2-for-3 at the plate: Dalton, Lee and Josie Epperson.

Lee was particularly impressive on offense during the tournament, hitting two home runs.

“She has just killed the ball,” Manager Dalton said.

Showing great ability on defense at first base and on offense was Brittany Dolan.

“She came alive this tournament and played really well, played hard,” Dalton said.

He praised Jones, who was Lunenburg’s primary pitcher during the tourney against Powhatan and Prince Edward-Farmville, teams Dalton said were probably the toughest his team faced.

“She kept us in both ballgames that she pitched,” he said. “We ended up losing both of them that she pitched the most of, but she kept us in the game. She’s a good little pitcher.”

Dalton also praised the girl his pitchers were throwing to, Meri Agnes Dalton.

“Coaches didn’t call her pitches; she called all of her pitches,” he said. “When the pitcher’s up there, they’re confident she’s calling the right thing.”

He also said she threw at least four people out from behind the plate during the tourney.

This was the last year of Dixie Softball for three Lunenburg Debs who will age out after this year: Dalton, Lee and shortstop Ashley Franklin.