Future health care providers have arrived

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CSI (Career Scene Investigators) returned to VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital, not to investigate crime scenes, but to explore the suspects of health care. VCU Health CMH offered a week long camp to seventh and eighth graders from the local middle schools from July 25-29.

Nineteen students from Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, Brunswick and Bluestone middle schools participated in the camp. The camp focused on giving the students an opportunity to learn about the many exciting careers available in health care.

The camp offered a variety of activities allowing the students to observe and interact with healthcare professionals in their work environment. The campers rotated through various departments getting hands on experience with simulated activities that healthcare professionals perform daily.          

The middle school years are the ideal time to reach students and introduce them to the various opportunities of a career in health care. It attributes to the selective science, math, and English courses they may include in their curriculum as they choose their classes throughout their high school years. By the end of the camp week, some of the campers want to be doctors; nurses; physical, speech, or occupational therapists, while others want to become engineers or computer technologists.