Board needs to reconsider site

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I recently wrote an article which appeared in this paper regarding the trash convenience site proposed for Red Level Lane. I received a phone call in response to my article from the chairman of the planning commission, who wanted to provide me with some information and clarification on how proposals such as this are processed through the county, and I am extremely grateful for the courtesy of the call and his time.

He explained that the planning commission would not have given approval for the proposed site had it known of the objections of the residents of Red Level Lane. The proposal was submitted by the board of supervisors, and at the planning commission meeting in May there was no one in attendance to object.  Unfortunately, once approval is given, the planning commission does not have the authority to rescind it.

The regulations require sending of notices to property owners adjacent to the site at the addresses in the tax records when a proposal such as this is suggested. This included several out of town addresses and only two addresses on Red Level Lane were sent notices of the planning commission meeting held in May.

Once the item was published in the local paper, and the residents of Red Level Lane (not only the adjacent property owners) were made aware of the proposal, it was too late — the planning commission had already approved the conditional use permit and passed it along to the board of supervisors for a vote. Had all of the residents of Red Level Lane known of the proposal, we could have voiced our concerns to the planning commission, and, in all likelihood, prevented this proposal from being approved and getting this far.

The decision for the trash convenience center is now in the hands of the board of supervisors of Lunenburg County, which is concerning. I have sent numerous emails to our local supervisors and have received not even the courtesy of a response. I appeal to the board of supervisors to look for another solution to the trash convenience center proposed for Red Level Lane, and to consider the impact to the residents of the Red Level Lane community.

Karla Sickerott is a resident of Lunenburg County. She can be reached at