Kenbridge reviews its ordinances

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Members of Kenbridge Town Council have spent much of this year undertaking the tedious work of reviewing the town’s ordinances.

Council members are about halfway through the 13 chapters.

The meetings are not official and not called or attended by everyone.

“We’ve been meeting and doing a chapter or two,” Mayor Emory Hodges said.

Town leaders decided to streamline their ordinances and make sure they are still relevant.

“The main reason we are doing it is so they are updated before we put them online,” Town Manager Robyn Fowler explained.

The work continues to go slowly.

“About everything that comes up is a legal matter,” Hodges said.

Indeed, even when the council adopted a new noise ordinance for the town in mid-July, Hodges insisted it be one they are willing to continue to enforce.

Hodges reminded his fellow council members, adopting an ordinance to address one difficulty can end up becoming its own problem by lingering on the books once the problem has been solved and the regulation is no longer enforced.

“I like things that are quick and simple,” he said. “If we go to the trouble to pass this, we will have to enforce it.”